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I am a Kansas City maker, creative, and entrepreneur who knows the right person for your project makes all the difference. Clean, colorful, and sophisticated is my style. I’m proud to call KC my home and love to collaborate with other local business owners.


Design, photography, and a small retail business called Cityscape Design. My experience as a creative entrepreneur offers a unique perspective on projects, and through design and visual storytelling, I create a connection to a place, brand, or cause.


You need a designer who understands principles and techniques. You want a photographer who does more than work an expensive camera. Most importantly, understanding and engaging with your story and vision is crucial in creating the best possible outcome.

I've been called a creative nerd.

You can find me setting up a mini photo shoot of my new products in the morning, figuring out code for a glitch on my website before lunch, and listening to my favorite entrepreneur podcast in the afternoon. No two days are the same, and I love it. While I’ve figured out how to embrace my creative nerd, I also needed purpose, meaning, and fulfillment, just like anyone else.


In my world graphic design is like creating the perfect recipe. From websites to logos, it is an exciting challenge to create just the right color, shape, pattern, or balance for that delicious dish. In the digital marketing world it is the first impression of who you are, the first bite of your brand.


I love photographing with the purpose of telling a story. From portrait sessions to landscapes, the character of an old city or photos needed for marketing your business, I love the opportunity to capture an image that represents a favorite moment or one that brings your business a new client.


When my business Cityscape Design kicked off in September of 2014 I had no idea I was about to begin the most challenging yet most exciting phase of owning a small business. Thanks to an amazing support system, mentors, and the gift of podcasts and Google, I'm slowly getting there.

Do Good

I firmly believe we are each capable of and should do good for others. I decided to intertwine my passion for photography and paying it forward by initiating the inaugural Help Portrait event in Lawrence. Our team is only two years in and gaining more momentum than I could have imagined.

Here's some stuff I've made.


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